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Master Data Management with PERFION PIM

Perfion PIM (Product Information Management), offers a standard solution for intuitive multichannel e-commerce and marketing. Create your central hub for product, master, and marketing data with us.

Perfion PIM enables you to capture all the product information instantly and easily you require. No matter which information it is - descriptions, prices, dimensions, or comprehensive files like data sheets and instructions.

The data can be maintained automatically via import or manually. The intuitively designed interface, which resembles common Office applications, makes it possible for any of your employees to operate this solution. Keywords: drag & drop, tabular display of product data, etc.

To promote clarity and facilitate data maintenance, the individual products can be grouped into categories. With features such as the use of hierarchies and inheritances, shared data among similar products can be efficiently maintained and kept up to date.

Multiple languages as well as different texts can be assigned to each product. For example, it is possible to enter the master data once and, depending on the output media (catalog, online store, mobile online store) to store an adapted product description.

A new catalog on demand? No problem!



Perfion PIM is a solution designed by users for users! The interface, which resembles office applications enables quick familiarization with Perfion PIM.


Related information can be managed in separate instances or at item levels. This enables capturing of diverse product descriptions for output in the catalog and online store.


The management of large amounts of product information can be realized easily and efficiently. For example, information that applies to multiple product variations can be managed via a hierarchy of shared data.


The application can be installed both in the cloud and on-premises. Thus, you have access to your product data at any time and from any location.


Since Perfion PIM is a standard application, immediate use is possible after the installation.


The integrated user management allows assigning permissions to individual users and groups. Thus, the processing of information can be defined according to the responsibility.


Publishing of price lists & data sheets from ERP systems

With the help of the integrated catalog management function, creating and organizing catalogs, data sheets and price lists is child's play.

Creating a layout and structure is realized within the application and does not require any additional know-how.

Product catalogs with Adobe InDesign

Additionally, it is possible to implement your own templates created in InDesign and link them to the data sets created in the Perfion application. When product data or images change in Perfion, your InDesign document can be automatically updated with all changes.

Web and integration


Product data management in Perfion allows you to manage your numbers and channels easily per drag & drop. This leaves you unconstrained and ensures product data consistency across all channels.

Web Content Management

The XML-based high-performance API within Perfion makes it easy to enrich your website presence with the information you need. For example, it provides it with the following benefits:

  • Navigation hierarchies (e.g., menus and categories)
  • Customizable product search
  • Product lists
  • Pages with detailed product information
  • Photos
  • Technical data
  • Videos
  • Product comparisons

Microsoft ERP Solutions

Perfion can basically access data from all ERP systems. Product data management in Perfion is particularly mainly integrated through the add-ins of Microsoft ERP solutions. This ensures that up-to-date ERP online data, such as prices, inventories, etc., are used immediately.


Digitally successful with anyMOTION and PERFION

With PERFION, you can rely on a standard solution that has already convinced many well-known companies. In combination with our profound expert knowledge, it offers you everything you need to implement your idea: from content management to data management to highly flexible interface connection.

As an official PERFION Solution Partner, we draw on extensive, certified expertise and will be happy to support you on all aspects of your digitization project.

Join market leaders and realize your upcoming project with anyMOTION and PERFION.

Our services

What you can expect from us

As a solution partner, we will take care of both the implementation and future support.

It all starts with the data check. We analyze the existing and needed attributes and create the optimum data structure for you. The structure can be easily integrated into your landscape thanks to the scope of services of Perfion. Subsequently, we take care of the interface connections which deliver or processes the data from Perfion.

Workflow setups, Web2Print processes, and much more can be implemented according to your needs. Whether in the initial project or gradually through incremental development, the directly usable platform significantly reduces your time-to-market!

Additionally, we offer you the training by our experts in the use of the software solution.

Appoint a no-obligation consultation with us!

Experience live how easily you can manage product information with PERFION.

In 60-90 minutes, we will show you the features that are most relevant to your specific business.

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